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Water Vapour Permeability Anazer- GRAVIMTERIC Method


Application Standards

ASTM E96, ASTM D1653, ISO 2528, DIN 53122-1, TAPPIT 464, YBB00092003, GB/T 1037, GB/T 17146, GB/T 16928, GB/T  19082, GB/T 12704, GB/T 21332,


The Water Vapor Permeability Analyzer – GRAVIMETRIC Method utilizes advanced gravimetric principles to accurately measure the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of various materials. It operates by subjecting a sample to controlled conditions of temperature and humidity while continuously monitoring weight changes due to water vapor permeation. This method ensures precise and reliable measurement, crucial for assessing the barrier properties of packaging materials, films, membranes, and coatings against water vapor ingress. Such analyzers are essential in industries like food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and construction, where maintaining product integrity and shelf-life depend on effective moisture barrier performance.


The GRAVIMETRIC Method Water Vapor Permeability Analyzer finds extensive applications across industries requiring precise moisture barrier analysis. Key applications include:

  • Food Packaging: Ensuring food freshness and extending shelf-life by evaluating packaging materials’ moisture resistance.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Verifying the integrity of drug packaging to prevent moisture-induced degradation.
  • Construction: Assessing the effectiveness of moisture barriers in building materials like membranes and films.
  • Textiles: Evaluating fabrics and clothing for breathability and moisture management properties.
  • Electronics: Testing packaging materials to protect sensitive electronic components from moisture damage.
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