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Walk in Test Chamber


Application Standards

ISO 17025


YTS specializes in designing and producing walk-in chambers, available in integrated and disassembling types. These chambers offer substantial volume, allowing simulation of various environmental factors like temperature, humidity, salt fog, illumination, dust, rain, and vibration. With the capacity to replicate single or complex atmospheric conditions, they cater to diverse testing needs across industries, ensuring products meet stringent quality and reliability standards. Walk-in chambers by YTS provide a spacious and versatile solution for conducting comprehensive environmental testing, facilitating the evaluation of product performance under real-world conditions.


Walk-in test chambers find extensive applications across various industries for conducting large-scale environmental testing, including:

  • Aerospace: Testing the durability and performance of aircraft components under extreme temperature, humidity, and vibration conditions.
  • Automotive: Evaluating the reliability and functionality of automotive parts and systems in simulated real-world environments.
  • Electronics: Assessing the impact of temperature, humidity, and dust on electronic devices to ensure reliability and longevity.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Conducting stability testing of drugs and vaccines under controlled temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Simulating environmental conditions to study the effects of climate change and pollution on ecosystems.
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