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Universal Testing Machine – 500KN


Application Standards

ASTM D-76, ASTM E4, DIN 5122, ISO 7500-1, EN 1002-2, BS1610, JIS B7721/B7733, GB T228


The YTS-500KN-105 model is designed for testing capacities of 500KN, catering to various types of tests including tensile, bending, and compression. Equipped with robust structure and high-torque servo motor, it ensures precise motion and durability, leading to reduced maintenance costs and prolonged machine lifespan. Ideal for industries like Metal and Architecture, it offers quiet testing environments and delivers highly accurate results.

Paired with specialized testing software compatible with Windows 7/8, it facilitates a wide range of tests with multi-language support, intuitive operation, and real-time data visualization. The software also offers metric units, comprehensive analysis tools, and material analysis capabilities.

Featuring a sophisticated handwheel for precise positioning and the ability to connect external signals for expanded operating modes, it ensures versatile functionality to meet diverse testing needs.


The YTS-500KN-105 machine is versatile, capable of testing various materials, including both finished and semi-finished products, for compressive strength, tensile strength, and elongation. It can perform tests such as tear strength, compression, flexural, stripping, and more. The machine can be connected to a computer to display or print out values, maximum values, test times, and other data. It also offers the capability to generate different report forms as needed.

Widely utilized across industries, this testing machine is essential for assessing the physical properties of metal, hardware, plastics, rubber, leather, footwear, textiles, and more. It conducts tests for tensile, tear, peel, compression, bending, shear, three-point bending, and other performance indicators.

Software Functionality

  • The data sampling rate can be increased to 1200 Hz for faster measurements.
  • Test operation options include manual control or full-computerized control via Jog buttons.
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8 operating systems.
  • The software supports multiple languages for user convenience.
  • Includes TCP/IP interface for seamless communication.
  • Provides real-time plotting capabilities and multi-curve display.
  • Offers various units of measurement to suit different preferences.
  • Features a flexible database management system.
  • Users are able to freely name data files.
  • Supports multiple sets of I/O signals, enhancing testing flexibility and functionality.
  • Graph display options include strain vs. time, strain vs. elongation, and more.
  • Provides a range of test actions such as creep, reciprocation, hold (tensile/compression), test pause, and slip tests.
  • Capable of conducting various tests including compression, tensile, bending, and peel tests.
  • Supports data processing functions such as loading settings, report printing, file saving, and data comparison.
  • Specimen setting is modularized for easy setup.
  • Allows selective display of data and graphs simultaneously on the testing screen.
  • Incorporates software protection features including over-displacement, overload, and over-time protection.
  • Test conditions are modularized to minimize human error and oversight during setup.
  • Allows key data capture and setting of lower and upper limits for test data specifications.
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