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Universal Testing Machine – 100KN


Application Standards

ASTM D-76, ASTM E4, DIN 5122, ISO 7500-1, EN 1002-2, BS1610, JIS B7721/B7733, GB T228


This YTS-100KN-104 model boasts a testing capacity of 100KN. It meets the rigorous standards set by ASTM, ISO, JIS, and GB for both materials and end products. Its high-rigidity frame structure, coupled with precise servo motor transmission components, ensures stable operation throughout testing. Ideal for industries such as plastic, textile, metal, and architecture, it provides a quiet testing environment and delivers highly accurate test results.

Paired with the specialized testing software, compatible with Windows 7/8 PCs, this system facilitates various tests including tensile, compression, and bending. The user-friendly software, available in multiple languages, offers real-time graphs, metric unit options, and comprehensive analysis of test data, enabling thorough material analysis post-testing.

Featuring a separated design between the UTM and its controller, maintenance becomes notably simpler, reducing associated costs and extending the machine’s lifespan. The YTS-100KN-104 system’s speed range of 0.0001-375mm/min expands the testing capabilities, meeting a broader range of standard requirements.


The YTS-100KN-104 is designed with a focus on standardized testing for materials and components, ensuring that operating these testing machines is straightforward and space-efficient.

The range of standardized tests conducted on components is extensive. For instance, in the electrical industry, tests may involve examining plug and spring contacts. Precision-engineered components undergo evaluations of joining and pressing procedures, while reel cores and pipe sections are subjected to ring stiffness tests.

In the packaging and food sectors, testing encompasses a variety of assessments. This includes stackability tests on plastic containers and cardboard boxes, evaluations of snap-on lids through open-and-close tests, examinations of can lids via pull-off tests, as well as analyses of tear-growth and adhesion on plastic films and hoses. Additionally, carrying handles undergo pull-off tests to ensure their durability and reliability.

Software Functionality

  • The data sampling rate can be increased to 1200 Hz for faster measurements.
  • Test operation options include manual control or full-computerized control via Jog buttons.
  • Compatible with Windows 7/8 operating systems.
  • The software supports multiple languages for user convenience.
  • Includes TCP/IP interface for seamless communication.
  • Provides real-time plotting capabilities and multi-curve display.
  • Offers various units of measurement to suit different preferences.
  • Features a flexible database management system.
  • Users are able to freely name data files.
  • Supports multiple sets of I/O signals, enhancing testing flexibility and functionality.
  • Graph display options include strain vs. time, strain vs. elongation, and more.
  • Provides a range of test actions such as creep, reciprocation, hold (tensile/compression), test pause, and slip tests.
  • Capable of conducting various tests including compression, tensile, bending, and peel tests.
  • Supports data processing functions such as loading settings, report printing, file saving, and data comparison.
  • Specimen setting is modularized for easy setup.
  • Allows selective display of data and graphs simultaneously on the testing screen.
  • Incorporates software protection features including over-displacement, overload, and over-time protection.
  • Test conditions are modularized to minimize human error and oversight during setup.
  • Allows key data capture and setting of lower and upper limits for test data specifications.
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