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Tablet Hardness Tester – THT500

An sophisticated and accurate breaking force tester equipped with state-of-the-art measurement technology.

The Bareiss THT500 is a tablet breaking force tester or tablet hardness tester that is specifically developed to provide a user-friendly and straightforward interface.

The tablet hardness tester conducts a breaking force test using a 500 N load cell, which can be upgraded to 1000 N. Tablets of various forms, such as oval, oblong, round, or any other shape, may undergo testing to determine their breaking power, which is measured in Newtons (N), Kilogram-force (kgf), or pounds of force (lbf). The tablet specimen may further be assessed for its dimensions, including length, breadth, and thickness. A supplementary external printer, which can be connected directly to the THT500, is available upon request for the purpose of printing test results.

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