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Application Standards

ASTM D1003/1044, ISO 14782, ISO 13468, GB/T 2410, JIS K7361, JIS K7105, JIS K7136, CIE 15.2, JJF 1303, 2011


A spectrophotometer is an analytical instrument used to measure the intensity of light at different wavelengths. By passing a beam of light through a sample, the spectrophotometer can determine the sample’s absorbance or transmittance, providing valuable information about its chemical composition. This instrument is fundamental in fields like chemistry, biology, and environmental science, where precise quantification of substances is crucial.


Spectrophotometers have a wide range of applications, including:

  • Quantification of Concentrations: Determining the concentration of substances in a solution.
  • Detection of Impurities: Identifying and quantifying impurities in samples.
  • Structural Analysis: Elucidating the structure of organic compounds.
  • Environmental Monitoring: Measuring dissolved oxygen levels in water bodies.
  • Medical Diagnostics: Analyzing respiratory gases and other biological samples.
  • Quality Control: Used in various industries for ensuring product quality by analyzing raw materials and finished products.
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