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Shore Hardness Tester- Digi Test II Durometer

The Bareiss Fully Automatic Durometer – Digi Test II is a sophisticated hardness testing device that use automation to accurately measure the hardness of elastomers and foam materials. It is capable of measuring Shore, Micro, IRHD (international rubber hardness degree), and VLRH (very low rubber hardness). The digi test II beach hardness tester, our advanced shore hardness testing equipment, contains an electronic unit that functions as the central control of the system. It also displays the user’s information about measuring time, measurement technique, and numerous selectable characteristics. The Bareiss digi test II shore hardness tester offers a distinct advantage over traditional hardness testers by enabling hardness testing on both convex and concave surfaces. This is made possible by the use of automated surface detection technology, which is not available in conventional hardness testers confined to flat-surfaced samples. Furthermore, we have the capability to tailor the length of our indenter to precisely reach any desired location on the sample for measurement purposes. Bareiss provides a wide selection of basic sample holders and positioning devices. Additionally, we excel in tailoring holders to suit your specific goods.

Package Content Kit

Electronic unit, Test stand, pick up bracket/ loading unit and measuring head


DIN ISO 7619, DIN ISO 48, DIN EN ISO 868, NF EN ISO 868, ASTM D 2240, BS 903 Part. A 26, NF T 46-003, ASTM D1415, DIN ISO 27588/ 48-3

ISO/17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate

Official ISO/17025 accredited calibration certificates are available for the exchangeable measuring devices

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