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Rebound Resilience Tester – Rubber Tester

Presenting the Rebound Resilience Tester, an unparalleled tool for quantifying the pliability of elastomers and other substances. The use of our advanced push pendulum technology guarantees precise and dependable outcomes, unaffected by any operator bias. In addition, the rubber rebound resilience tester has the capability to conduct measurements on heated test specimens at temperatures of up to 100° C when equipped with the optional temperature control module. This enables the identification of variations in material elasticity under varying temperature settings, offering crucial insights for your research and development endeavors. Elevate your material testing skills with the Rebound Resilience Tester.

Basic Equipment

Guided pendulum hammer, External electronic unit, and optional temperature control module


ASTM D7121, DIN 53512, ISO 4662, ASTM D 1054

DAkkS Calibration Certificate

Official DAkkS calibration certificate according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025

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