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Mask Particle Filtration Tester


Application Standards

ASTM F2299, GB/T 326102016, GB 2626-2019, NIOSH-42CFR-84, YY-0469-2011


A Mask Particle Filtration Tester is a specialized device used to evaluate the efficiency of face masks in filtering airborne particles. This tester measures the mask’s ability to block particles of various sizes, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards. It uses sophisticated sensors and controlled environments to provide accurate and reliable results. The device is essential for verifying the performance of masks, especially in industries where air quality is crucial. By simulating real-world conditions, it helps manufacturers and regulatory bodies ensure that masks meet required filtration standards and provide adequate protection against airborne contaminants.


  • Manufacturing: Helps mask manufacturers ensure product quality and compliance with safety standards.
  • Healthcare: Verifies the performance of medical masks used by healthcare professionals.
  • Research and Development: Used in labs to develop and test new mask materials and designs.
  • Quality Control: Ensures masks meet regulatory requirements before reaching the market.
  • Regulatory Bodies: Assists government and health organizations in setting and enforcing filtration standards.
  • Consumer Safety: Helps consumer protection agencies verify the claims made by mask producers.
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