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Low Speed Metallographic Specimen Cutting Machine


Application Standards



The Low Speed Metallographic Specimen Cutting Machine, such as the DTQ-5 model, is designed for precision cutting of various hard materials, including metals, non-metals, and electronic components. This machine is equipped with a diamond saw blade or other resin blades to cater to different specimen requirements. It features a high running speed of the main shaft and allows precise horizontal feeding position adjustments of the workpiece being processed. The machine is ideal for use in factories, research institutes, and laboratories due to its accuracy and ability to handle small, delicate samples without supervision​.


The Low Speed Metallographic Specimen Cutting Machine is used in various applications, primarily for preparing samples for metallographic analysis. It is suitable for:

  • Precise cutting of small metal and non-metal pieces
  • Preparing samples from electronic components
  • Cutting delicate specimens in research and development settings
  • Academic laboratories for material science studies
  • Industrial applications where precise cutting is required for quality control and material analysis

Its ability to handle different blade types and precise positioning makes it versatile for a wide range of cutting tasks​.


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