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Hydraulic Testing Machine-1000KN


Application Standards

ASTM E4, ASTM E8, DIN 5122, ISO 7500-1, ISO 6892, EN 1002-2, EN 10002-1, BS1610, GB/T 228


The Computerized Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine boasts high-capacity load testing capabilities. Its hydraulic control ensures consistent stress, strain, and speed throughout operations. With a robust and stable structure, it minimizes test destabilization and corrosion. Equipped with standard accessories like tensile, compression, and bending grips, it caters to the needs of metal, composite material, and architecture industries. Users can expect precise results and seamless control, meeting their testing requirements. Also known as a hydraulic material testing machine or hydraulic tensile testing machine, its separate main body and controller design mitigate technical issues like electronic interference, enhancing machine durability. Plus, the system enables diverse tests compliant with various standards.


  • Deformation under a specified load: Assess the deformation of the tested sample under a predetermined load.
  • Load under a specified deformation: Evaluate the load experienced by the tested sample under a predetermined deformation.
  • The software is capable of generating comprehensive reports including maximum force, elongation, tensile strength, peel strength, tear strength, compression strength, and more.

This Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine can conduct various tests according to customer specifications, including peel tests, tear tests, compression tests, and bend tests using a range of different clamps.

Software Functionality

  • The data sampling rate can be increased to 1,200 Hz for faster measurements.
  • Test operation can be controlled via keyboard and mouse, with fixture position adjustment possible using up and down buttons.
  • Operating via TCP/IP interface allows for direct control of the machine from the computer, with two-way transmission.
  • Users can choose between Metric and Imperial units.
  • Compatible with Windows 8/10 systems.
  • The software supports multiple languages, including Chinese and English.
  • Multiple test data can be imported and displayed simultaneously.
  • The software offers flexibility in form and self-planning information analysis.
  • Graphs feature adjustment of X-Y axis physical quantities, specific markings, intervals, slopes, and more.
  • Test screen allows for selected data display and graphical or simultaneous display.
  • Users can self-set data names and define formulas.
  • Data processing functions include storage, retrieval, listing, statistical comparison, etc.
  • Capable of conducting various tests including tensile, compression, bending, creep, and others.
  • Supports a variety of test actions such as creep, constant tensile (compression), etc.
  • Software protection features include overload, over-displacement, and over-time protection.
  • Able to handle multiple sets of I/O signals, enhancing testing capabilities.
  • Specimen setting is modularized for easy setup.
  • Key data capture allows for setting upper and lower limits of test data specifications.
  • Modularization of test conditions helps reduce human error in setup.
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