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Haze Tester


Application Standards

ASTM D1003-2007, JIS K7105-81


A Haze Tester is a precise instrument used to measure the haze and light transmittance of transparent and translucent materials. It is equipped with advanced optics and sensors to ensure accurate and repeatable measurements. The tester uses a combination of collimated light and integrating sphere technology to assess the scattering of light, providing critical data for quality control in industries such as glass, plastics, and films. Its user-friendly interface, often with a large touch screen, allows for easy operation and data management.


Haze Testers are essential in various industries for quality control and research purposes. They are widely used in the manufacturing of plastics, glass, and films to ensure products meet clarity and transparency standards. In the automotive and architectural sectors, these testers help in evaluating the visual quality of windshields and windows. Additionally, they are used in the packaging industry to assess the clarity of packaging materials. In electronics, haze testers are crucial for testing display screens to guarantee optimal visual performance. The testers also find applications in liquid analysis, contributing to scientific research and product development.

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