York Testing Solutions


Digital Vickers Hardness Tester


Application Standards

ASTM E-384, ISO 6507, JIS B7734, JIS B7725


  • Fully Computerized system for indentation measurement and display on inbuilt PC or Laptop with touch screen facility.
  • Specially designed multi-element lens system with dual illumination technology for constant magnification.
  • Complex algorithm for highly accurate, repeatable, and faster output compared to conventional methods.
  • Vickers hardness measured using image processing techniques: conditional edge detection & noise reduction via computer vision.
  • Active CMOS Sensor with photo detector and active amplifier for sharper images than CCD cameras.
  • Auto/Manual measurement modes and exhaustive analytics for capturing and analyzing results


The digital Vickers hardness tester is a versatile tool with numerous applications in material testing and quality control across various industries. Specifically engineered for measuring the Vickers hardness of steel and metals, its adaptability extends to evaluating the hardness of small, hard, and thin specimens, as well as case-hardened or coated materials with shallow case depth. Beyond these primary applications, the digital Vickers hardness tester finds widespread use in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, and research laboratories. It plays a crucial role in assessing the hardness and durability of materials used in critical components like gears, bearings, cutting tools, and structural elements. Furthermore, its ability to provide accurate and reproducible results makes it indispensable for ensuring compliance with industry standards and specifications. Whether in production environments or research settings, the digital Vickers hardness tester contributes significantly to enhancing product quality, performance, and reliability.

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