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Digital Twin Vickers-Brinell Hardness Tester


Application Standards

ASTM E10-12/E92, ISO6506/6507, GB/T4340, JIS Z2243


The Digital Twin Vicker Brinell Hardness Tester offers versatility and precision with its capability to perform both Brinell and Vickers test methods. With the simple replacement of the indenter, it can swiftly transition between specific testing requirements. Standard delivery includes 5x and 10x objectives, all motorized for seamless measurement, indenter, and objective switches. The tester allows for presetting dwell time and illumination brightness, providing enhanced control over testing conditions. Equipped with a motorized turret and closed-loop loading system, along with a user-friendly touch screen/control panel input, it ensures efficient and accurate testing processes. The innovative design features a color touch screen that displays force selection, dwell time, hardness conversion, and more, facilitating ease of operation.


The Digital Twin Vicker Brinell Hardness Tester finds extensive applications across various industries. It is primarily utilized for testing very thin materials such as foils and coatings layers, as well as measuring the hardness of small parts or areas. Additionally, it is instrumental in measuring individual micro-structures and assessing the depth of case hardening by sectioning a part and creating a series of indentations to describe a profile of the change in hardness. With its versatile capabilities, this tester plays a crucial role in quality control, material characterization, and process optimization in manufacturing, metallurgy, aerospace, and other sectors.

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