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Digital Durometer Hardness Tester- HPE III

The HPE III is currently the most sophisticated digital durometer hardness tester available on the market. In addition to its acknowledged precision and consistency, the HPE III additionally records humidity, ambient and sample temperature, as well as the date and time, while measuring hardness. The portable hardness tester allows for easy measurement of shore hardness levels on flexible materials, polymers, and composite materials. The advanced features of this device guarantee accurate measurements and provide safeguards against user mistakes. This portable hardness tester has a distinctive and unusual design, making it the most dependable shore durometer available on the market. The HPE III digital durometer tester is equipped with many standard features, including a spacious LCD display for enhanced readability, a USB connection for seamless data transfer, a rechargeable battery for convenience, and our proprietary handgrip for ensuring accurate measurement angles and applied force.

The HPE III Series shore hardness tester, which is a digital durometer, can be used in conjunction with the Bareiss completely automated or manual test stands to reduce the impact of the operator’s influence on the measurement.

Package Content Kit

Digital Durometer, USB output cable, control ring, and power adapter in a foam fitted carrying case.


DIN EN ISO 868, DIN ISO 7619, ASTM D 2240

ISO/17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate

Official ISO/17025 accredited calibration certificates are available for all Shore scales

Software Available

BareissOne for data logging and analysis is available upon request

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