York Testing Solutions


Compression & Deformation Tester


Application Standards

ASTM D395, ISO 815, JIS K6262, GB/T 7759


The Compression and Deformation Tester is designed to evaluate the deformation of materials under compression. It applies a constant deflection force to a sample, measuring its compression and recovery properties over time. This tester is crucial for assessing the durability and performance of materials in various industries. It ensures consistent and accurate results, helping manufacturers maintain quality control. The equipment features a robust design, user-friendly interface, and precise measurement capabilities, making it ideal for both research and industrial applications.


A Compression and Deformation Tester is used in various industries to measure the mechanical properties of materials. It is essential for assessing the durability and performance of materials like polymers, foams, and metals under compressive forces. Applications include testing packaging materials for resilience, evaluating construction materials for structural integrity, analyzing automotive components for safety standards, and researching new materials in laboratories. This tester ensures products meet quality and safety regulations, contributing to product development and material improvement across diverse fields such as manufacturing, aerospace, and consumer goods.

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