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Car Interior Tester – HPE II


HPE Ⅱ YTS car interior hardness tester: The HPE II YTS is a hardness tester developed for composite materials of two or more material groups. The composite material typically contains foam, and other materials may contain metals, plastics, leather, or wood to increase structural strength. It is most suitable for use in automobile interiors such as seats, armrests, headrests, and inner door plates to do hardness tests.

The electronic dial gauge indicates the penetration depth directly in 0.00 mm units and is equipped with a zero-setting option. This has the advantage that the display of the dial gauge can be set to zero by pressing a button as soon as the indenter with the measuring rod is raised by lowering the measuring device body by approx. 3 mm. With a vertical spindle integrated into the back of the device, the dial gauge can be sensitively moved up and down. By lowering the lateral load lever, the prescribed total force of 9.8 N is applied. After 60 seconds of test time, the measurement result is read.

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