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Capsule Hardness Tester -Gelomat- Digi test II

The Bareiss digi test II Gelomat is a highly advanced and customizable digital hardness tester that is widely used by prominent pharmaceutical, vitamin, and paintball businesses globally. It offers complete automation and modularity, making it a preferred choice in the industry. In the present era of linked and tightly controlled worldwide marketplaces, it is necessary to comply with ‘critical-to-quality’ characteristics in order to provide top-notch goods. In order to ensure that faulty capsules do not make it to the market, these companies are utilizing our capsule hardness tester, the digi test II Gelomat. This device applies a compressive force to the gelatin capsules to verify that they possess adequate wall strength to endure external pressures throughout the entire process of manufacturing, storage, packaging, transportation, and ultimately, consumer use.

Basic Equipment

Electronic unit, Test stand, pick up bracket/ loading unit and measuring heads (0-20N or 0-2N)


Bareiss Standard

ISO/17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate

Official ISO/17025 accredited calibration certificate is available

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