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Box Compression Tester


Application Standards

ISO2872, ISO2874, GB4857.4, GB T4857.3, Ов/T1048


A Box Compression Tester is a vital piece of equipment used in the packaging industry to measure the compressive strength of boxes and cartons. This device evaluates the ability of a box to withstand external compressive forces during handling, storage, and transportation. The tester operates by placing a box between two parallel platens and gradually applying a uniform compressive load until the box deforms or collapses. The maximum load the box can endure without failing is recorded as its compression strength. This information is critical for manufacturers to design and produce packaging that can protect its contents effectively under various conditions. Box Compression Testers are highly regarded for their precision, reliability, and ability to simulate real-world stress scenarios, ensuring that packaging meets quality and safety standards.


  • Packaging Industry: Ensures the durability and strength of shipping boxes to prevent damage during transit.
  • Food and Beverage: Tests the compression strength of packaging used for food products to ensure safety and freshness.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Evaluates the robustness of boxes used for transporting medicines and medical supplies.
  • E-commerce: Verifies the sturdiness of packaging materials for online order shipments.
  • Logistics and Warehousing: Assesses the stacking strength of boxes in storage and distribution centers.
  • Quality Control: Provides data for compliance with industry standards and helps in the improvement of packaging design.
  • Consumer Goods: Tests packaging for various consumer products to ensure they reach customers intact.
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