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Barrier Film – Water Vapour Permeability Analyzer -Packaging Lab Equipment


Application Standards

ASTM F1249-2013, BS EN ISO 15106-2-2005, JIS K7129-2008, GB/T 26253-2010, YBB 00092003-2015


The Barrier Film – Water Vapor Permeability Analyzer is a sophisticated instrument designed to accurately measure moisture vapor transmission rates (MVTR) through barrier films and packaging materials. Utilizing advanced technology, this analyzer ensures precise simulation of real-world conditions, crucial for industries such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. By maintaining controlled temperature and humidity environments, it provides manufacturers with essential data to optimize product shelf-life and quality. The analyzer’s high sensitivity enables it to detect even minimal moisture permeation, facilitating comprehensive quality control and compliance with stringent industry standards.


The Barrier Film – Water Vapor Permeability Analyzer serves diverse applications across industries where moisture barrier performance is critical:

  • Food Packaging: Evaluating barrier films to preserve food freshness and extend shelf-life.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Testing packaging materials to maintain drug stability and efficacy.
  • Electronics: Assessing moisture barrier effectiveness in protecting sensitive components from humidity.
  • Textiles: Evaluating fabric coatings and membranes for moisture management in apparel and outdoor gear.
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