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Ball Rebound Tester

The Bareiss Ball Rebound Tester is widely used by top hybrid mattress manufacturers worldwide to assess the durability of materials like foam and polyurethane. Without the use of a Bareiss Resilience Tester, it would be difficult to provide the highest quality sleep experience from our mattress. The footwear industry is another sector that depends on our rebound resilience tester. Regardless of whether it is for premium sports footwear or ordinary shoes, we are all familiar with the significance of comfort for our feet!

The elasticity of polymeric foam materials can be assessed using a Bareiss Ball Rebound Tester, which measures the height to which a ball rebounds after free falling and impacting a test specimen. The 2-line liquid crystal display (LCD) indicates both the measured value and the median value in percentage. The height of the rebound is electrically measured using sensors. The ball is held firmly in place by a magnetic holder until the measurement procedure begins, at which point it is manually released using the handwheel.

Package Content Kit

EKST test stand
Downpipe EKF 500 – the height of fall 500 mm
Pick up bracket, magnetic steel ball with holder
Electronic unit

Measuring Principle

A Ø16 mm magnetic steel ball falls freely onto the sample from a specified height of 500 mm.


DIN EN ISO 8307, ASTM D 3574

Official DAkkS-Calibration Certificate

Works-Calibration certificate for 500mm ball rebound

Software Hard Test For Windows

System for data logging and analysis

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