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Automatic Torque Tester


Application Standards

ASTM D3198, ASTM D2063, ASTM D3474, GB/T 17876, BB/T 0034, BB/T 0025


The Automatic Torque Tester, such as the YTS-ATT model, is designed to measure the torque required to open or close the caps of various packaging products like bottles and tubes. It ensures precision and reliability by using advanced control systems and sensors. The device features an embedded operation interface and a 7-inch touch screen that displays the dynamic testing process. It can perform dual-mode tests for both locking and opening forces, making it ideal for quality control in packaging production lines.


Automatic Torque Testers are primarily used in the packaging industry for testing the torque of caps on bottles, jars, and tubes. They are essential for:

  • Ensuring product safety by verifying that caps are properly secured.
  • Maintaining quality control standards in manufacturing.
  • Evaluating the ease of opening and resealing for consumer convenience.
  • Testing torque in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and beverage packaging.
  • Assisting in the design and development of new packaging solutions by providing critical data on cap performance.
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