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Automatic Metallographic Cutting Machine 600


Application Standards



The Automatic Metallographic Cutting Machine 600 is designed for high-precision cutting of various materials, including metals, ceramics, and composites. It features a robust construction with a cast aluminum base, which houses the motor and cutting area in separate compartments. The machine is equipped with a large cutting chamber and a Lexan window for clear observation. Safety is paramount, with interlocking safety devices and an electronic brake system ensuring the machine operates only when safe. The machine offers both manual and automatic cutting modes, supported by a powerful motor and advanced software for programmable cutting operations. Its ergonomic design includes a touch screen for easy control and monitoring of cutting parameters.


  • Cutting and preparation of metallographic samples for analysis.
  • Precision cutting of electronic components, ceramics, and hard alloys.
  • Sectioning biological materials such as bones and teeth for study.
  • Cutting rock and mineral samples in geological research.
  • Preparing concrete samples for structural testing.
  • Ideal for research laboratories, educational institutions, and industrial quality control.
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