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Automatic Hardness Tester-IRHD Compact III

This affordable, adaptable semi-automatic hardness tester is capable of effortlessly examining materials such as O rings, seals, and tube-shaped elastomers. Soft elastomers with a thickness of up to 0.6mm can be conveniently examined using interchangeable measuring instruments for procedures IRHD M and IRHD N, yielding very accurate results. This hardness tester adheres to international standards in terms of contact pressure and measurement time. The Hardness Tester IRHD Compact III is capable of storing up to 300 test results and is equipped with interchangeable probes to meet the operator’s specific needs. The “BareissOne” software, which is not required but available as an alternative, is a windows-based program that provides several functionalities such as data recording, article administration, graphical presentation of data and hardness curves, statistical assessment, and further analysis of the observed values.

Basic Equipment

Electronic display, RS 232 Data transmitter, Interchangeable probe

Testing Methods

IRHD Micro, IRHD Normal


ISO 48-2| NF ISO 48| DIN 53512| ASTM D 1415| ASTM D792

ISO/17025 Accredited Calibration Certificate

Official ISO/17025 accredited calibration certificate is available for IRHD M & IRHD N


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