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Auto Water Vapor Permeability Analyzer


Application Standards

ASTM F1249, GB/T 26253, JIS K7129, BS EN ISO 15106-2, YBB 00092003


The Auto Water Vapor Permeability Analyzer is a precision instrument designed to measure the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of various materials, including films, sheets, and packaging. Utilizing advanced testing principles such as the gravimetric method, this analyzer ensures accurate and reliable results. It is essential for industries requiring stringent quality control, particularly in food, pharmaceuticals, and medical packaging. The device operates under controlled temperature and humidity conditions, offering high efficiency and wide applicability across different barrier materials.


The Auto Water Vapor Permeability Analyzer is widely used in several industries to test the permeability of materials to water vapor. Key applications include:

  • Food Packaging: Ensuring the shelf life and quality of food products by testing packaging films.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Evaluating the protective barriers of medicinal packaging to maintain product efficacy.
  • Medical Devices: Testing the vapor permeability of packaging to protect medical devices.
  • Electronics: Assessing the barrier properties of packaging for moisture-sensitive electronic components.
  • Research and Development: Aiding in the development of new materials with specific barrier properties.
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