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Advanced Water Vapour Permeability Analyzer- Infrared Method


Application Standards

ASTM F1249-2013, BS EN ISO 15106-2-2005, JIS K7129-2008, GB/T 26253-2010, YBB 00092003-2015


The Advanced Water Vapor Permeability Analyzer utilizing the Infrared Method employs infrared sensors to measure the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) of materials with high accuracy and efficiency. This method operates by directing infrared radiation through the sample, detecting changes in humidity levels on the other side to calculate WVTR. It offers precise control over temperature and humidity conditions, ensuring reliable results across various material types and thicknesses. This analyzer is crucial for industries like packaging, pharmaceuticals, and textiles, where maintaining optimal moisture barrier properties is critical for product quality and shelf-life.


The Infrared Method Water Vapor Permeability Analyzer is indispensable in several industries for evaluating moisture barrier performance. Key applications include:

  • Packaging: Assessing the moisture resistance of films and laminates used in food, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer goods packaging.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Ensuring the integrity of drug packaging to prevent moisture-induced degradation.
  • Textiles: Evaluating fabric breathability and moisture management properties in clothing and outdoor gear.
  • Construction: Testing building materials like membranes and coatings for moisture barrier effectiveness.
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